Combining Art & Yoga ...

The Sanskrit word Pravacana translates literally to expression.

We began our yogic journey like some, to gain strength and flexibility.  It was after an unexpected illness and over the course of time that our practice deepened and our intention began to shift.  Yoga became the much needed mental break from a hectic world, while still allowing for an emotional presence.  As it does, yoga took its inevitable interpersonal shift. 

After many years of practicing yoga we began to wonder why for such a personal practice most mats lacked a sense of distinctiveness?  After months of research we discovered there were very few options for truly unique mats, mats as beautiful and individual as your practice itself.  There were also very few options for mats made in the USA.  Pravacana Mats was created out of a desire to give back to the community we so value by sustainably bringing the beauty of art and personal expression into your practice. 

Our Mats are made in the USA to offer a low ECO footprint and to support our domestic economy.  

Our Art is designed by fellow yogi designers and others alike who have shared their artistic expression and yogic love for the mat.

Our Goal is to provide you with a product that is:


  • ECO friendly


  • Fully Customizable

  • Made of High QUALITY material

  • Recyclable

  • As unique as YOU are!

We focus solely on providing you with a one of a kind unique product, allowing for the ultimate individual expression on your mat. We graciously invite you to express your inner yogi....


"Do what you love & love what you do" .... Zen proverb