We were born to unite with our fellow men, and to join in community with the human race.
— Cicero


Affiliates & Ambassadors

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Collaboration and community are driving factors in the success of any venture. If you believe in sustainably bringing the beauty of art, functionality, and personal expression in to the practice of yoga we would love to partner with you to share this journey. 


Affiliate Program

You can earn an affiliate commission by helping spread the word! It's easy. Use your custom affiliate link when spreading the word. When a purchase is made by your friends, family, or online audience, and is tracked back to your affiliate link, you receive a commission. It's that simple. Once a month, commissions are paid directly into your Paypal, SquareUp, or Stripe account, or via a check.

A few of the many ways you can promote and earn affiliate commissions:

  • by social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instrgram, Snap Chat, and more)

  • on your blog as a review or informational article

  • on your website as advertising banners, product links, and more

  • by word of mouth to your friends, family and beyond

Affiliate commissions levels start at 5% and can range up to 25% during specific promotions or based on performance.

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Ambassadors are exclusive, mutually beneficial arrangements that reach far beyond the Affiliate Program. Our Ambassadors partnerships come in many different forms, including cross-promotions, co-branded promotions, exclusive affiliate commission levels, targeted list campaigns, and more.

We're always in search of and ♥ Ambassadors with:

  • values that align with ours and with which we compliment each other, we desire a win-win situation for our online audience as well as yours

  • an understanding of who we are, what we do, and how we want to give back

  • an understanding of their audience as well as ours

  • an existing fan base|email list|following of at least 3000+ and growing.

  • market responsibility with regards to social media, no SPAM or other unethical means please

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an Affiliate and Ambassador partner?

First, being an Affiliate and/or Ambassador are not mutually exclusive. The biggest difference is in the requirements to qualify. Ambassadors must meet our guidelines (listed above) for consideration and working together tends to be campaign specific.

How often do you pay commission?

All Affiliate and Ambassadors commissions are paid on the 7th of each month, for the commissions earned in the previous month (calculated on a 1st - last day of the month calendar). For example, on July 7th commissions would be paid for commissions earned June 1st through June 30th.

What is the cost to join either program?

There is absolutely no cost to you to help spread the love! There is no limit or cap to monthly commissions, nor is any amount deducted from your commissions (except refunds), ever.


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