How much is it to design my own mat?

Actually there is no additional charge to design your own mat if we receive the artwork preformatted and ready to submit. Adjustments such as collage art, or change fonts, colors, design, etc., are included in the price. Up to three revisions are also included in the price. 


What type of artwork is required?

Artwork files should be received in an Adobe compatible format. For best print quality, .JPG, .PDF, .EPS, or .TIF files are preferred. See TEMPLATE here: Adult Mat Template.

For optimal picture quality, files should ideally have a resolution of 3563ppi x 10800ppi. Because images will be preformatted upon receiving there may be slight variations in colors. If your images are smaller in size, collaging them into one larger image may provide better results.


What color can be included in the artwork?

We have the ability to reproduce almost any color in your artwork. Some colors will not translate exactly, however, such as metallic colors. Additionally, large areas of black or dark colors will show wear sooner.


What content can be included in the artwork?

Any images submitted will be subject to content approval and can not included copyrighted or trademarked material not belonging to the person, or entity, submitting the image. Please also be aware when reproduced actual artwork size, border widths, or ink colors may vary slightly.


How do I submit my artwork?

Artwork can be submitted directly through our email system. If the file is too large it can be compressed into a .zip file. Files can also be shared through a wide variety of free and secure file sharing sites such as Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, RapidShare, and MediaFile.


What if I don't have artwork?

Should you not have your own artwork, our design team will gladly be able assist you. However, additional fees do apply for design assistance.


How long will it take to receive my custom designed mat or towel?

Typically an idea, image, or illustration, will be submitted to our design team and an initial design will be created. At the time, emailed proofs will be exchanged with up to three revisions included in the price estimate. Production begins once we receive your approval on the final proof, and can take approximately 5-7 business days. Thereafter, the choice of shipping method will determine the exact delivery date. A 10% rush charge can be applied to orders needed sooner.