Affiliate Program Outline

You can earn an affiliate commission by helping spread the word! It's easy. Use your custom affiliate link when spreading the word. When a purchase is made by your friends, family, or online audience, and is tracked back to your affiliate link, you receive a commission. It's that simple. Once a month, commissions are paid directly into your Paypal, or Stripe account, via a check, or your preferred payment method.


Social Media - Social Media referrals will need to be tracked with codes, but sales can be tracked through links and/or codes

Blogs, emails, website posts, etc. - Referrals and sales will be tracked via your specific link


Tier One Level - Sales of over 1000$ or over 12 months of continuous affiliation

Tier Two Level - Sales of 500$ to 1000$

Tier Three Level - Entry tier, under 500$ in sales or under 12 months of continuous affiliation


Pay-per-sale (sales tracked directly to your link):

  • Tier One - 5% of purchase price (excludes taxes and shipping)

  • Tier Two - 10% of purchase price (excludes taxes and shipping)

  • Tier Three - 20% of purchase price (excludes taxes and shipping)

  • Periodic Specials & Offers - 25% of purchase price (excludes taxes and shipping)

Pay-per-lead (lead email sign up required): .50$ per lead 


DO promote offers to your own email lists and on your own Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. pages.

DO use link in yoga or related blog posts

DO make a YouTube video review of customized mat

DON’T Spam

NO bots only real users

Please avoid superficial posts that seem ungenuine 


Access to any and all images for your campaigns(s)

Tier One producers can create their own mat to promote

Tier Two producers will be provided a mat of our choosing

Tier Three producers can purchase a mat for 25$ plus shipping.

Access to all new products 1st

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